Woodside Adult Challenge Ladder 2018
Woodside Adult Challenge Ladder 2018
Event Series: Woodside Leagues
Event Dates: 6/4/2018 - 8/24/2018
Registration: Login Required
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Woodside Adult Ladder Rules and Information

Update 6/29/18

You may now challenge above or below you 10 spots on the ladder! Again this is10 players above or below you, Nothing to do with players ratings just the spots on the ladder! Enjoy!

Are you ready for a new and exciting adult tennis singles ladder format?

The challenge of being the best singles player at Woodside for Summer 2018 and prepare yourself for the Singles Club Championships in September! 

Men and women combined in a "swap" ladder will allow you to play as many matches as you want and against men and women!

Rules are as follows:

The  challenge  ladder is a true swap ladder that is played starting June 4 with matches to be completed by August 24. 

A ladder of play will be created ahead of time

You may challenge up three spots

You would contact the opponent by email or phone, play the match at an agreed upon time and record your scores

Contact the front desk to reserve a court for 1.5hours for "challenge ladder match"

The winner of the match is responsible for entering the match scores

Scoring will be two out of three sets using a match tie break for the third set. If a tie breaker is played, it should be entered as 1-0 not the actual tie break score - this is very important! 

If you win the match you swap spots with your opponent and if you lose the match you will stay in your spot. 

Players have one week to accept and schedule a challenge. The match does not need to be scheduled within the week. If this is not done a challenge will be considered a default and the player not responding to the challenge will move to the other players spot. This will be determined by the Director of Tennis.

You may not challenge the same player within one week if you lose a match

You may play as many matches throughout the 3 month period as you like. 

If you would like to help keep fresh tennis balls in the teaching carts, please return the tennis balls to the re-cycle bin on the fence outside the bubble so we can use these balls in the teaching carts. 

The cost for the  Challenge  ladder is $90 plus tax for the 3 months of playThis includes: a can of balls for every match and available indoor court time for your match in case of rain or outdoor courts booked

No better way to enjoy the summer by  challenging yourself and others in a game of tennis! 

We will host a Doubles Club Championship June 22-24 and Singles Club Championships September 7-9

Contact Deon Botha for more information for the Club Champs event  

Click on the "register now" link above to enter yourself in the challenge!

Good luck to all players this year!

Any questions? Call Tennis Director Dave Gary at 913-275-5943 or

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